Reporter is a Portland based band that in between fog and color lights creates a cosmic atmosphere with its electronic/rock music and the whispery vocals of it's frontgirl Alberta. These 3 guys have the "Don't give shit about anything" kind of attitude, and that attitude in a way imprints their music and the fact that they are as independent as any other indie band recording albums at home.

They have just released their debut album "Time Incredible" under Holocene records and to be honest with you it took me some time to get used to the whispery arrhythmic vocals, but loved how detailed every song is including various colorful sounds. They have this dark sound that weakens from time to time with powerful indie chords.

Throwing parties in warehouses and basements, Reporter has come a long way from Oregon and seems like the kind of band you want to go party with, get to know them.

Reporter - Total Fascination

Reporter - Geronimo's Bones

Reporter - Lab Test