3er Ojo


Mexico City is full of life, art and culture all around. Having dinner in the Colonia Roma in a small Italian place, a photographer came up to our table and explained us a project he had, where anyone could get involved; 3er Ojo or 3rd Eye, is a project that takes life traveling throughout Mexico, searching and catching places and moments through images.

The dynamic is simple: everybody in the table gets an envelope with a picture inside, this picture has something written in the back by someone, a certain someone, that like you was only "having dinner". When you receive the envelope you have to compromise yourself to do two things, the first one is very easy: do not open the envelope until a special moment, the purpose of the letter is to make you feel good and to open a world of possibilities between yourself and another person; the second one is to write in the back of another picture given to you and expect to make someone's night a special one as well. Finally you’re asked to write your e-mail down so that the other person can contact you.

My picture was written by someone in search of himself, trying to rediscover his country, giving himself another shot to be happy, taking the opportunity of living once again, and enjoying life to its peak, "after all, everything is the most important thing", he said.

What would you write to that anyone, that someone...