Land Of The Stupid


Diesel Island Cover

After the amazingly creative award winning campaign "Be Stupid", Diesel decided to take it one step further and to give shelter to all of those who felt completely or slightly related with the Be Stupid Manifesto in a nation that's being colonized by the first pioneers as we speak, and where the rules are yet to be written.

The campaign is called "Diesel Island" and will take shape through viral videos, Facebook applications, a pirate radio and even a weekly updated Wikipedia entry narrating the island's evolution. Diesel's website will also accept virtual visitors that will be able to meet other citizens, watch the island's lifestyle and even change or create laws. Each Diesel store will become an official embassy where you'll be able to get to know the philosophy of the country, it's flag, it's location and it's anthem.

"Think Lost, but with nicer clothes and no polar bears". Sounds interesting, right?