Andrés Carne de Res


40 minutes away from Bogotá, in the town of Chia, a circus of lights emerges out of nowhere creating the sensation of traveling to another time and place in the world; this is the place that changed club owner and business mogul Andres Jaramillo's life.

Truly unique in it’s kind, Andrés Carne de Res is a restaurant, a bar and a club, that manages to overachieve all of its traits. As a restaurant it features excellent meat cuts in a very strange form: the meat is covered in salt, wrapped around cloth and then cooked in the oven, giving the meat a salty seasoning without loosing its top South American quality and flavor.
As a bar, their specialty drinks cover a multinational bar, from the typical “aguardiente” in an old-fashion glass accompanied with a slice of lemon and orange, to a wide range of high quality specialty cocktails that mix the hottest local products with international alcohols from all around.
As a club, the eclectic mix of elements gives a unique sensation to the clubbing experience. The enormous venue runs flat in big tables to share, all mixed in different rooms and a protagonist bar and dance floor emerge cramped with people from all over the world, from the best to the worst dressed, the hottest and the ugliest, blended all in its own kitsch style.

The visual is hard to conceive due to the amount of eclectic elements but the feel is truly one of a kind.