Qatar 2022 World Cup Bid Winner


The world cup bidding process is the process by which locations for this "people moving" event are selected. The process began in March of 2009 to select locations for 2018 and 2022, until the official FIFA's executive committee voted in November 2010.

The winning bid for the 2022 World Cup is Qatar, with a 1.69 million citizens is the first Arab nation to host the World Cup. Their proposal features an interesting approach to the other bids; the idea is to represent the Arab world as well as an opportunity to bridge the gap between the Arab and Western worlds. This opportunity implies a huge investment from infrastructure to construction; architecturally it is the opportunity to create and impress the world with their innovative stadiums. Qatar is no exception, they can actually be considered pioneers in the new technologies with outdoor, air-conditioned stadiums that will be carbon neutral benefiting the environment and creating ideal conditions for players and spectators.

Qatar’s inspiration was finely structured from the seashell to the oasis, multi nationality and others. Their plan is to integrate all stadiums in their new efficient metro and rail network, with all stadiums within 30 minutes of each other, making transportation and accommodation much more comfortable. Their other very interesting proposal is the modular stadiums. All stadiums will be partially deconstructed after the 2022 World Cup in order to make this available for all the world, allowing other countries to host sport events. There will be a total of 170,000 modular seats.