Another year went by and the only thing we can do is hold on to the things that made it what it was: a dance floor disaster!

No. 30
Zemmoa "Zeuz" (Martin Parra Magma Remix)

Zemmoa delivered this year a song full of sexy vibes that Martin Parra managed to turn into a delicious disco killer.

No. 29

MGMT "It's Working"

With an album that disappointed many, MGMT made it clear that they're not afraid to take risks and record whatever they feel like. This song is a true masterpiece and proof of these guys talent.

No. 28
Beach House "Used To Be"

Considered one of the best albums delivered this year, with this one, Beach House taught us that it is ok to cry while listening to a beautiful song.

No. 27
Eli Escobar "Love Thing Pt. 2" (Dj Mehdi Club Edit)

A song that is proof of Mehdi's ability to make us dance with the hipest beats and synths.

No. 26
Nicolas Jaar "Come N Get It"

Twenty year old NYC producer Nicolas Jaar released a fantastic EP this last August full of disco vibes and house edits. "Come N Get It" is definitely the best one.

No. 25
Trujillo "Baby You're Still the Same" (Social Disco Club Sexual Flashback Mix)

Social Disco Club is warranty, with their touch, songs turn into gold. Wait 'till the vocals start, this song will blow you away.

No. 24
El Guincho "Bombay"

A fresh and tropical album that positioned El Guincho in the international scene. This song has one of the best videos I've seen in my life.

No. 23
Gorillaz (feat. Daley) "Doncamatic"

These guys are as dynamic as hell. All the credit should go to Damon Albarn.

No. 22
Omar (feat. Stevie Wonder) "I'm Feeling You" (Henrik Schwarz remix)

Berlin's house master Henrik Schwarz created a masterpiece that brought Omar and Stevie Wonder's already fantastic song back to life. You'll love this one.

No. 21
Vampire Weekend "Cousins"

Another great album from Vampire Weekend. It was pretty hard to choose the song that was appearing in the countdown, but we think this one has something truly unique.

No. 20
Diana Ross & The Supremes "My World is Empty Without You" (Drop Out Orchestra remix)

We didn't know who Drop Out Orchestra were until we heard this glorious edit. It's soft and perfect for a road trip to the Valley of Nowhere.

No. 19
Shit Robot (feat. Saheer Umar) "I Got a Feeling"

We heard this song for the first time through a friend at a nightclub; at the beginning we thought it was a little bit industrial but when the vocals started we changed our minds. When we found out it was from Shit Robot we understood everything.

No. 18
Crookers (feat. Soulwax and Mixhell) "We Love Animals"

Crookers delivered a pretty lame album combining to many styles and artists, but within that mess there's a true dance floor masterpiece.

How about a road trip?

No. 16
Try To Find Me "Get To My Baby" (TBD Extension)

This edit remembered us of TBD's talent. We have played it like a thousand times and this will just keep on going.

No. 15
Munk "La Musica"

Our favorite song from Munk's latest EP Mondo Vagabondo.

The perfect song for summer.

No. 13
Hotbath (Crazy P edits) "You Wanna Do"

The first edits were good, but this second one is way better. Put on your dancing shoes 'cause this fine housy jewel is even helping us loose some weight...... fun fun vibes.

No. 12
Escort "Cocaine Blues"

A band that took us back to the disco sounds of the 70's with a beautiful song.

This is how house music should sound nowadays.

The latest delivery from a beloved band. Although we were a little skeptic at the beginning, after playing it a couple of times we fell hardly in love.

No. 9
Jacques Renault "Love & Happiness"

It had to be Jacques Renault, it's always been him.

We quit doing what we are doing if you do not dance to this song. Yeah, well..... maybe not.

No. 7
Azari & III "Into The Night"

Sexy, catchy, edgy, lovely.

No. 6

Tiger & Woods "Gin Nation"

The first time we heard this one was in Softwar's July mixtape. It took us a while to get it, but now that we have it we won't loose it. What makes it our top 6 it's the Music & Lights vocals Tiger & Woods imprinted on it.

No. 5
Visti & Meyland "Stars" (Rodion & Mammarella mix)
It's actually funny how we discovered this one. The first time we heard this remix was because a dealer introduced it to us. It began with a deep strong voice that reminded us of the 90's famous techno hit "Dance with the Devil", but after a couple of minutes... OMG.

No. 4
Breakbot (feat. Irfane) "Baby I'm Yours"

The first release from Breakbot under Ed Banger. The song made us dance like hell when released on Valentine's day and we can listen to it as many times as we like and we just never get enough.

The overture of one of the best albums of 2010. James Murphy and DFA never stop amazing us.

No. 2
Midnight Magic "Beam Me Up" (Jacques Renault remix)

The original song is great, but this remix is far from getting described with the adjectives we know. It had to be Jacques Renault again.

No. 1
Caribou "Hannibal"

Caribou delivered an album that's delightful from top to bottom. Every single song in it transmits a different mood and it's so impeccably recorded that's unreal. This song is just a little taste but we could've put the whole album in here.