"I don't think we're ready for people to pay for our music yet"

As four guys growing in the neighborhoods of Chicago and having spent their childhood together sharing interests and dreams, the members of Yawn have a history that goes way back and yet they've only been playing together for about two years.

Starting as a band called Metrovox, in which every member had a particular instrument to play and had to follow certain patterns in order to keep the band's style and sound, the guys came across different situations that made them realize and learn a vaulable lesson: DIY.
Trying to spin things a little bit, each member started experimenting with different sounds, noises and instruments, that led them to a whole new different sound and a new way of writting music, which eventually turned Metrovox into Yawn.

Keeping things as dinamc as possible, they recorded an EP that got them the attention of Pitchfork, NME and KEXP, and gained them one of the most hyped venues at the South by Southwest festival.

Yawn is currently working on the second EP which they'll be releasing for free on their website just like the first one. With their happy, tribal, experimental sound, they've opened some dates for this year's sensation band Yeasayer, and it's just a matter of time before we see them hit the big festivals.

Download their first EP for free here or get the lovely songs below, but be sure to check these guys out.

Yawn - Toys (right click + save link as)

Yawn - Kind of Guy (right click + save link as)