Margaret Durow


Seeing life through a lens and making it look beautiful it's not an easy task. For this 20 year-old Wisconsing photographer it seems rather easy and natural to turn a piece of coated paper into an amazing life memory, invading our senses with dreamy landscapes and colorful contrasts.

Describing her photographs as a collection of lights, feelings and magic words, it comes as no surprise that, given the amount of nature that can be seen in her photos, she's currently a botanical student in the University of Wisconsin- Madison.
Getting inspiration from great photographers like Susu Laroche, Jon Edwards and Ellen Rogers she has managed to create a soft, crystalline world through her artwork that inspires many.
With a long way to go, this girl's work has already featured in magazines such as Carpaccio Magazine, Lodown Magazine, Schematic Quarterly and many famous art blogs.