It all started in the beautiful and quiet islands of Samoa, in the Central Pacific. With the smell and spray of the ocean hitting their faces, the touch of sand in their barefoot and the noises made by the wind hitting palm trees, Marcus Joons and Michael Tjäder (The Radio Dept. keyboardist) decided to create a band inspired by nature and the local Catholic church choirs. That's how Korallreven was born.

With a unique and soft sound that becomes almost experimental and making use of tropical elements, this band tilts towards chill out music, but keeps an elegant dance beat that give it a smooth energy.

With only two songs released up until now, Korallreven has kept high expectations, making the wait for the release of the album, later this year, almost impossible.

With the release of a remix EP under Acéphale, they have also released the video for their latest single "The Truest Faith" directed by Sebastian Rozenberg, on which we can see the band's love for nature and it's influence in their music.

Korallreven is one of the most beautiful things I've heard.

Korallreven - The Truest Faith (right click + save link as)

Korallreven - Loved Up (right click + save link as)