Cassius Effect!!!


The last few days I've been listening to some keepers on my itunes, and i couldn't wait to share my opinion with all of you.

What do you think about Cassius????

There were mainly two great duos of dj's who really change the way the dance floors were scratched by people in the 90's, and who we could say "created the french touch". This dj's are Daft Punk and Cassius.

In this post i will focus on Cassius because i think that everybody knows Daft Punk pretty well.

Both french members of Cassius, Philippe Cerboneschi (best known as Philippe Zdar) and Hubert Blanc-Francard (best known as Boom-Bass) started working together in 1994 on a project called La Funk Mod, which changed their lives forever.

Later on in 1997 they stared making some remixes from Air and Daft Punk productions, and this marked the beggining of Cassius.

Their first album came out in 1999 and it was a complete success, it was in the top 5 of all music stores. The recipe of this album was mixing house with techno and a little bit of funk.

I really really like their french touch, it's like happy music or crazy awesome music.

Just enjoy this two pieces of art.

Cassius - La Mouche (DOWNLOAD)

Cassius -Youth Speed Cigarette (K.S 'Higher State of Consciousnes of Da Funk' remix) (DOWNLOAD)