Damián Ortega has said “Do it Yourself”


He started his career as a drawer for the newspaper, and his critic view started there. In his work we usually see everyday stuff like furniture and toys, and he transforms them into something with a new meaning. 

For his work he obtained the “Jóvenes Creadores” scholarship in México, and the “Torino Price” in Italy. He has participated in a lot of expositions all around the world, and has some permanent works in Pennsylvania and New York. 

His latest work is called “Do it Yourself” and will open at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston on September 18. The exhibition will have some of his most important works since 1996, so go and check it out. 

I really like his artwork, he makes all the usual things very unusual and amazing, and the title of this exhibition “do it yourself”  is great, because a lot of people, when they enter a museum, the first thing they say is “this is not art because I could do it if I wanted to”, that’s why I love the title, really clever. Your can check out more about him there’s a lot to see.