Thursday Dance


Hey guy's I've got three amazing tracks, for you to listen; they are awesome and are the perfect fuel for this weekend. Im posting them in the order I recommend you to listen to them. 

The first track's a beautiful remix our friend Anoraak,  from Valerie collective, made of Keenhouse's  "Civic Transit". Keenhouse is a half german, half indonesian dude that grew up in the forest and then moved to LA.  He produces great tracks  that have the french touch all over them. 
The remix is really cool, perfect for warm up; I just can say Anoraak's got me at his feet.

The second track is a remix that's been out there for quite some time; it's not new,  but if you don't know who this guy is, you've been missing on something huge. 
This guy's name is Laurent Heinrich a.k.a Lifelike. He's a remix master, and has done huge things since we first heard him in 2001. He's teamed up with guy's like Kris Menace, and has remixed amazing bands like Chromeo, The Presets, Vicarious Bliss and Does it Offend you, Yeah?. This is a remix he made of La Roux's "In For the Kill", it was number 1 on the UK charts and  it's simply marvelous.
As a bonus, I'm leaving you another Lifelike track that's going to leave you speechless, believe me.

The third and last track, is from our good friend Jason Stewart a.k.a Them Jeans. He recently released a drum edit on The XX's "Shelter" and proved us that he can make us dance even with the smoothest song. This time, he leaves us all warmed up and ready to trash the party with his new single "Only in Jeans". He really hit me in the head with this one, probably what I'm going to be hearing all weekend long to start the party.