The Essentials


I constantly come across different articles, posts and comments talking about the true essentials in life. For example, in men’s fashion, there are several inevitable every season, some are even classics. Take the perfect white shirt for men, whether it is a crisp round collared classic for an etiquette event or the rugged perfect cut and slim for a more dress down everyday casual, it is considered a must-have in every men's closet. How often haven’t we heard women ravishing about the eternal quest for the “perfect black cocktail dress”? Essentials are essentials.

In cuisine whether it is Daniel Boulud’s world renowned hamburger or Juan Mari Arzak’s newest Basque creation, there are definitely essentials, take salt and pepper or even the perfect olive oil as an example. The combination of elements in contemporary art that make someone a true mastermind, whether it is branding or it’s pieces, as Saatchi so cynically says.

But the real question still remains, what are the essentials in life? Most importantly, what are your essentials?

Life is truly a gift, which we must cherish. Finding the essence in ours, is obviously one of mankind’s most difficult tasks. Small decisions may affect us in a big ways; prioritizing what is important in life is a clue as to where to start. Being thankful and truly appreciating what we have is a key element in this search.

By definition essence is the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something… So I ask again, what are truly your essentials?