Perfectly calculated beats is what distinguishes this Berlin-based producer's music. As a graduate of the Instutite of Computer Music in Vienna, Phillip Sollmann (aka Efdemin) has put together sound installations, worked on a contemporary orchestra and is, nowadays, one of the leading djs of the scene blurring the lines between deep house, minimal and techno with his music.

With many Ep's and two praised albums along his career, Efdemin has captivated the trained, patient ear of those who enjoy dark baroque sounds and is currently one of the principal acts of German label Dial. Along his label partners Pantha Du Prince, Lawrence and John Roberts, he has managed to establish a fresh deep sound in Berlin that reminds us of the Chicago house of the late 1980's.

Efdemin's compositions are truly majestic and I would dare say are one of the things that will push Dial Records into a much wider audience.

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Efdemin - Back to School

Efdemin - There Will Be Singing

Efdemin - Bergwein