My Personal "Favourite" Songs Ever! (All by Brits)


This post was originally about my 10 favorite songs. But after getting to number nine, I realized that absolutely all of the songs I had mentioned were by British musicians! What in the name of god goes on in that relatively small island that has been so influential- in practically everything in the last 1000 years? Is it their partial isolation from the rest of Europe? Their language? Customs? Some social factor? In music the evidence is overwhelming. The most influential rock artists have bee mostly British. In a very laborious and almost impossible feat I ended up with 10 of my personal "favorite" songs of all time… they are all by British bands/artists… (Take note: they are in reverse-chronological order)

What a Waster, The Libertines (2002)

Raw, vile and beautiful. A song about a hooker with amazing, smart lyrics. So tell me, where does all the money go where does all the money go, straight, straight up her nose And, what the hell is a two bob cunt?

Common People, Pulp (1995)

The lyrics get me on this one. Its about slumming, a not very uncommon practice in the first world countries where young rich kids, driven by art, boredom, need of adventure and the need of an “authentic” life experience pose as “common people” hiding their wealth and pretending they are poor. In this song a common guy is asked for advice by a girl on how to pull this off and, in his intent to help, he finally realizes that this is impossible. “You’ll never watch your life slide out of view, and dance and drink and screw because there’s nothing else to do”

I am The Resurrection, The Stone Roses (1992)

Part of the "Madchester" scene, these guys changed music. It’s about a bad breakup in which the subject of the song dramatically concludes that he is “ the resurrection and the light”. How megalomaniac. Perfect rhythm, great long instrumental ending.

Panic, The Smiths (1986)

Very memorable, with Johnny Marr’s impressive guitar and Morrissey’s goose bump giving voice. It’s mostly about Morrissey’s dislike for New Age music they played at the clubs he went to. “Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ”. Good advice.

Rock The Casbah, The Clash (1982)

A timeless song, the piano, the guitar and the chorus are groundbreaking. This band defined a whole generation, created a genre. Surprising how a punk song can make you dance.

Ziggy Stardust, David Bowie (1972)

A song about the decadence of the 60’s icons like Jimmy Hendrix. It’s from “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust” a concept album that tells the story of an alien. Great guitar specially in the “So where were the spiders…” part.

Tiny Dancer, Elton John (1971)

What can I say? I love this song, the piano is just perfect, and the chorus, well there might not be anything like it. The lyrics, even though they are a bit cryptic, are about California groupies, particularly a dancer who the composer of the song, Bernie Taupin, ended up marrying. What I like about this song is that it’s not about love, it only slightly hints it.

Tangerine, Led Zeppelin (1970)

Even if I’m not a die-hard Led fan, this song is class. Starts as a sweet ballad, not very unlike “California” and ends with an amazing electric solo completely unlike "California". Album: Led Zeppelin III.

And your Bird can Sing, The Beatles (1966)

Favorite Beatle song. They had to be on the list. This short song has a great guitar riff and simple entertaining lyrics. It’s one of the least known songs from “Revolver” critically acclaimed as the best album of all time.

Other memorable songs (by Brits):

“My Generation”- The Who, “You Really Got Me” - The Kinks, “Cigarettes and Alcohol”Oasis, “Country House” - Blur, "Animal Nitrate" - Suede