Light Year


Raw electronic music nowadays is cheap, simple, dull and sticks to the same old bass lines that make everybody dance Jersey Shore style. In search of something fresh, not necessarily new, but different, these two Aussies have stood out with their music and have been massively played by huge Djs like Mr. Oizo, Soulwax and Surkin.

Their latest EP "Five Girls" is just out under Bang Gang 12inches, and shows that these guys have brains for more than just dull beats including house and funk elements in their tracks.

Jordan and Mikey's relationship is full of tension and rage, pretty much like yin and yang, each one's differences equilibrate perfectly. Obsessed with work, the guys wake up every morning, have a small breakfast and start recording. On a regular day they can record up to 45 songs.

If you like to OD once in a while, these guys are what you need.

Light Year - Sex Education (right click + save link as)

Light Year - The Pop Shot (right click + save link as)

Light Year - Public Service Announcement (right click + save link as)