The typical life of a New Yorker seen through the eye of a pessimist that experiences happiness and disappointment from common life events, is pretty much how Craig Redman, Australian illustrator, conceived his most popular character: Darcel.
Influenced by artists such as Jeff Koons, Takashi Murakami and Kaws, Craig created Darcel as a representation of himself and as a way of imprinting fun and sarcasm in his everyday events. With simple phrases and lovely illustrations Craig has stolen hearts and has expanded Darcel into toys, accessories and wonderful pieces of art.

Darcel keeps a blog in which he narrates his life events. His problems and frustrations capture perfectly the feelings all of us experience during our days. The life of the one-eyed black egg, and his encounters with famous personalities make him a fun and delightful experience.
The minute I laid my eyes on Darcel I wished I had a big painting of him in my room, I know many of you will feel the same way.