There's a special night in Amsterdam almost every month, that brings out the freshest and most innovative talents of the 'underground' house/dance music scene of the city. TAFKAF, as it is called, has seen talents such as Renaissance Man, New Judas and Duke Dumont in it's lineup, and has featured, of course, the masterminds that started it: The Heykids and Homework.

To say these club nights were the place where Tom Waist and Zip Stolk (AKA Homework) perfected and unified their sound would be underrating their early work, but they were indeed a platform where Homework experimented with vintage and stranger sources of inspiration. Just a year after having truly discovered their way, Homework has already shocked the house scene with the EP "Fissa Tune" released under Exploited earlier this year. This EP has received a lot of positive comments from big djs such as A-Trak, Telonius, Feadz, Fake Blood, Djedjotronic, Steve Aoki and more.

With the release of the video for their song "I Got One (You're It)" they have fully conquered me; it's by far one of the most creative videos I have seen, creating delightful enviroments just by playing with lights. It's really worth a look.

Homework - I Got One (You're It) (right click + save as)

Homework - I Got Two (right click + save as)

Homework - Fissa Tune (right click + save as)