While spending time at school waiting for a friend, I decided to refresh my knowledge on music. For a while nothing caught my attention, I was just playing stupid games and updating facebook and twitter; but then, I found a post on Dj Harvey and his new project named Locussolus.
This new project focuses on the talents of various west coast U.S musicians, and will be featuring to tracks on the upcoming release: "Gunship" and "Little Boots".
The first one has a really deep and dark space touch that's a complete knockdown, and the second one has crazy and abnormal effects merged with a type of hypnotic synth-bass line.

The release is coming out under International Feel Cat No. IF003 on February 22nd, and it seems that there's going to be a limited production of vinyls so if you truly are a fan of this legendary dj be ready.
But no need to worry, there will also be a digital release, you'll just have to wait until the vinyl has been available for some time.

Here is the link for Tim Sweeney's radio show "Beats in Space" where Harvey played on Juanuary 19th, and where you can get a grip of his art. I also leave you with the Essential Mix this guy did on March 1998; simply epic.