On va chez Kitsuné


Yeahhh, another Kitsuné Maison compilation is out. Just like its ancestor's, the compilation promises a lot and contains songs that have been and will be relevant and significant through out what's left of the year. A great chance for you to refresh your music library with some of the coolest songs. Here's a mini mix they put together so you know what to expect of the compilation.


1. French Horn Rebellion – “Up All Night”
2. The Drums – “Let’s Go Surfing”
3. Siriusmo – “High Together”
4. Le Corps Mince de Françoise – “Something Golden”
5. Midnight Juggernauts – “This New Technology”
6. Heartsrevolution – “Dance Till Dawn”
7. Logo – “Junocide”
8. Two Door Cinema Club – “I Can Talk (Moulinex Remix)”
9. Slagsmålsklubben – “Brutal Weapons”
10. Beni – Maximus “(Harvard Bass Remix)”
11. AMWE – “Friction Between The Lovers”
12. Jolie Cherie – “Star”
13. Chew Lips – “Salt Air (Alex Kapranos Remix)”
14. Delphic – “This Momentary”
15. Memory Tapes – “Bicycle”
16. Parallels – “Find the Fire”
17. Nottee – “Control”
19. Crystal Fighters – “I Love London”
20. My Tiger My Timing – “I Am The Sound”