I don't really know how to start this post, I guess I'll just start with a statement: I love fashion photography, It's something that has always intrigued me. I've been loving photography for a while now; I always try to take really creative and beautiful pics and every time I take a look at a fashion ad or campaign, I see how the photo combines smoothly and perfectly both elements, creating the perfect atmosphere and making the photography a piece of art.
I think fashion photography is the perfect place for a photographer to explore crazy and different things, to build a completely new world where beauty, passion, anger, sadness, and all the emotions blend perfectly and create something delightful for the spectator. Its something that I would love to do at some point in my live, although I don't know if I have the ability to do so. I leave you with some photos, and I'll be updating more about cool fashion photographers and photos.

picture on top: Jean Shrimpton by David Bailey

pics by Mario Testino