The New Spirit of Madrid


The New Spirit of Madrid is Loewe's latest new motto. Since the release of the campaign on Wednesday March 14th the promotional video for “Oro Collection 2012” has generated a lot of controversy among spectators. The renowned fashion house in Spain has decided to take a spin on their target base. 

The firm is launching the reinvention of their iconic classics presented back in 1975 as the Oro Collection. This new collection uses the traditional gold and brown suede spectrum with neon leather highlights, merging history and classicism with an edgier touch in order to reach the Spanish youth.

The campaign has generated diverse opinions and it has certainly been a polemic subject for the past week among fashion insiders. The promotional video portraits Spain’s "modern” youth: aristocrats, models and socialites. In it, Martin Rivas, María Forqué, Andrea Ferrer and Helena and Lucía Cuesta talk on what the firm represents to them with a touch of cynicism.

The ads show the brand's ability to reinvent itself and push the boundaries in order to explore new and fresher territories.