What to Expect for 2012...


Year after year, we see trends change right in front of us, smoothly heading us to new ones just as any evolution in time… This 2012 is no exception; trends have already started making their way into the first January issues of all style, fashion, design or, for that purpose, any kind of publication. MyPalma gives you a glimpse for the season…

Design has a clear tendency to the “all-green”, it doesn't matter for what kind of innovation, whether it is the latest Apple product or Levi’s reduction in water consumption, it is all about generating cleaner, more “eco-friendly” products. Experts on the subject are betting for the commercialization of the electric vehicle and its mass market popularity; with the Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Volt, this year's competition for making an affordable high quality car is all about hybrids and to make the consumer conscious of our beaten-up planet.
Mercedes Benz
SLS E-Cell
In architecture there are a lot of mixed feelings on how it will be done, and specially who will be doing it. The controversy on Hadid and Gehry, some of 2000's starchitects, is opening the road for many others with great potential. The motivation behind it all will be creating multi-purpose buildings to serve a more complex way of living, creating smart buildings that mimic sustainable living organisms. Society's need for a higher quality living, results on the creation of one single environment with different facades enabling the user to live, work, shop and mingle all inside the same building. This model has been successfully replicated throughout Asia and Latin America for the last couple of years setting a pragmatic trend.

Gwanggyo, South Korea
The art department will see conceptual taken to the next level. If you think Duchamp's urinal shocked Europe in 1917, this year will definitely drop some jaws… We ended the year with London’s infamous gallerista Saatchi, commenting on “The Physical Impossibility of the Death in the Mind of Someone Living” by Damien Hirst. The 1991 dead tiger shark masterwork, which had to be replaced from the original due to decay, led to a road where an octopus as a face (Yumiko Utsu) or a giant crack on the floor (Dorris Salcedo) are simple art abstractions. These forms will evolve into something edgier and rawer as we saw on the 10th annual Miami Art Basel Fair.

Yumiko Utsu
"Octpus Portrait"
Fashion as always is the most capricious of them all. Orange has a big forecast with its protagonist presence in the runway again since the 70’s. The pantone 17-1463 Tangerine Tango mixed with earths, golds, strings and whites to soften, is used in almost all collections with a pattern on pattern trend bringing a blast of fresh, innovative fabrics, yarns and interplays. Elle’s Robbie Myers is calling them the “new brights”, taking a tone down form what we have seen in the post-crisis influence with all vibrant and astonishing colors.

Tangerine Tango
Spring/Summer 2012

Rock as we know it is over… Here, our own Totem Visko makes a strong point on the evolution of the music industry, shifting in every way to an easier access product, where the flow of ideas and possibility for creation is much wider, all due to technology, which is why “Woodstock is coming back to life”, he says. We expect to see more alternative music in festivals and concerts throughout the globe with artists like Animal Collective, M83, Foster The People, The Weeknd, Bon Iver, Lana del Rey, James Blake among others.

Animal Collective