Goodbye Big Old 2011


After the end of each year it is indispensable to find some time somewhere between the closing year frenzy, the christmas season abuse and the new years innumerable celebrations.
This year came with the Wall Street protest, the Arab uprisings, a European debt crisis, the usual dose of earthquakes, floods and natural disasters all of these added to our own personal tragedies.
This time is a must needed reflection time by you and most importantly for you. I have always found it ironic how something as ordinary as a special party on a specific date can change so much, but as our gregorian calendar establishes it, why not take the time to zoom out and just analyze where are we headed, where do we want to be headed, if we're doing the right things, if we want to be doing the right things; take a time this closing year and pause to analyze all of these things, this way it will be easier to expect a brighter 2012.