Modernizing Rome


The "Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo" or "Maxxi", as us friends call it, is one of architect Zaha Hadid's latest ingenious creations, with a cost of over €150,000,000.00, no expenses where left out, the building took 10 years to complete, to make home for 4077 square meters of contemporary XXI century art.

The complex was integrated within the urban context of industrial Flaminio's quartier, to which it offers a new, articulated, permeable plaza, wrapped around with the spectacular and certainly astonishing forms of the Anglo-Iraqi, that come up from the ground lifting this cantilevered concrete, glass and steel monument after 1,250,000 hrs opening onto a main plaza. Inside cultural events, art exhibitions and permanent collections manage to seem flexible, because of the movable panels that ensure a change of layout. As well as some of the many services offered, among them the cafeteria, bookshop, auditorium and galleries leave other choices for all of its visitors.

As if it where not enough the complex roof hosts a particular technological and mechanical invention, integrating the exterior glazing and artificial lighting system to control the temperature and humidity, creating a steel mesh that screens light. Proving that every design bit is though and contemplated, managing making Zaha one of today’s most renown "star"chitects.