It is all about "Irene"


For the last couple of days all we've heard of around the world is Irene... Certainly a matter not to be taken lightly, the hurricane, of category 2 with 115 mph winds, saved its last blasts of fury for New York City being the biggest hurricane threat to the city since 1821, paralyzing it with relentless rains, transportation congestions, mass panic and fears of flooding before it was downgraded to a tropical storm today.

The sequels in Manhattan left over 118,000 people without power, hospital and private home evacuations, thousands of flights cancelled by all 5 airports and millions and millions of dollars lost in business operations, although it was no exception for new yorkers to embrace Irene and express their own creativity starting with their very own to do list....

Let the list speak for itself...

Why not take a dive in the middle of the street?

Hate messages to the hurricane were no exception.

Making sure your Land Rover is free of problems sure looks like a clear priority.