Fashion according to DGISM


Fashion is just a constant reinterpretation of how human beings clothe themselves for different needs. Fashion is the quasi-artistic execution of these values translated into innovation and ultimately evolution of how people dress, not necessarily for everyday needs, like protection from the environment and comfort, but for an aesthetic objective. Fashion is what allows everyday clothing to ultimately evolve, and to be able to appreciate a change in fashion from one moment in history to the other.
"High fashion” changes every “season”. To the fashion enthusiast and to the elite bourgeoisie who consume the latest trends, this is a very entertaining affair, but not accessible to the rest of the population. Cheaper fashion is in most part some eventual derivation from high fashion, so in general we can say that we are stuck to blindly follow fashion trends throughout our lives. We are forced to constantly modify our wardrobe, maybe not every “season”, but with some significant recurrence. I do not have negative views on this never-ending cycle, I just intend on proving that it’s possible to avoid it at some extent, and not end up looking like the child-molesting bum down the street.
In the world I see - you are stalking elk through the damp canyon forests around the ruins of Rockefeller Center. You'll wear leather clothes that will last you the rest of your life. You'll climb the wrist-thick kudzu vines that wrap the Sears Tower...”
Quotation from the movie “The Fight Club”: It’s definitely going too far, but in the utopian world of Tyler Durden, fashion really doesn’t exist, you just wear the same clothes that will last you forever. It does have a point; everything would be easier if the things you wore lasted you for the rest of your life and they were still fashionable.
Even if not entirely possible, there are a few things you could purchase that could last you more than a few decades, cheating the fashion cycle, well, sort of. I’m not talking vintage, retro and all that pretentious mumbo-jumbo, I am talking about an actual garment that could last you more than 30 years, wearing it as often as possible and looking good in it.
For this to be possible, the piece of clothing has to have some necessary characteristics:

1. High Quality - It has to be an investment; quality does not come at cheap prices, but if you would wear this piece of clothing for more than ten years it would be totally worth it – just do the math.

2. Durability - The material has to be very durable, like leather for example. This makes items like shirts and socks very difficult to withstand much time.

3. Timeless/Conservative Design - Its design must be timeless, very basic and traditional, to ensure it endures with the ages, versatile enough to allow it to be worn in many different occasions.

4. Basic Color - It has to be of a conservative color and not draw too much attention.

5. Stylish Deterioration - It has to age with style; wrinkles, irregularities, stains and overall deterioration has to improve the look and feel of the piece of clothing.

6. Right Fit - Has to fit you throughout the passing of time, jackets usually serve this purpose easier.

To explain my point here are a few suggestions:

(Note to women: everything applies to the ladies except for the Classic Leather Oxfords)

Leather Jacket
The most basic and durable piece of clothing one can have. Cow hide is a good option, but there are more durable types of leather, like water buffalo hide.
Colors: Black, dark brown, brown

Levi's 501 Jeans
When it comes to trousers Jeans are probably the toughest, the Levi's 501 are the most traditional styling.
Color: Traditional blue or dark blue denim

Classic Leather Oxfords
The most formal shoes a man can own, they can be worn throughout many occasions if they are well cared for.
Color: Black
Try: Church's, Alden

Work Boot

These leather heavy-duty boots after a few years will look incredible. Look for a traditional style. 
Color: Dark brown, brown
Try: Red Wing Heritage Boots, Alden

Basic Trenchcoat
Useful in rainy weather, trenchcoats are a classical piece of clothing that is not bound to suffer many changes in its design over time.
Color: Khaki, dark khaki, possibly black.
Burberry, Aquascutum


Capybara or "Carpincho" Leather Jacket
Try: Cardón, Arandú