2Pac And Biggie: A Look Back On Their Tragic Deaths Pt. II


Hit 'em up is one of the best diss tracks to have ever existed. Written by Tupac and performed by his group The Outlawz, it ruthlessly attacked Biggie Smalls and all of the East Coast rappers. Tupac claims in Hit em Up that he had sex with Biggie's wife Faith Evans, no one knows for sure if this actually happened. The track raised considerable controversy infuriating the East Coast rappers, especially Biggie. The feud between the East Coast and West Coast climaxed. One night in Las Vegas Tupac and Suge Knight and his West Coast entourage were leaving a Mike Tyson boxing fight when they spotted a Crip gangster in the lobby. The complete entourage assaulted the gangster and beat him to the ground. After this incident they headed to a nightclub, on the way to their destination they stopped at a trafic light. Another car drove up besides them and shot Tupac, who was sitting in the passenger seat. Suge, who was driving, was grazed by a bullet. Six months later Biggie would meet a similar fate; leaving a party with Diddy, their vans were intercepted and he was shot in the back seat. Both were raced to the hospital, both died.

Tupac and Biggie's murders are still unresolved; several hypothesis have surfaced the most radical being the possibility of them being murdered by their respective producers, Suge and Diddy, because of the impressive commercial succes their port mortem records would have.

Their legacy lives, they are known to be the best mcs that have ever lived and their premature deaths have turned them into modern day martyrs.