The English Riviera


After the groundbreaking release of Nights Out back in 2008, Metronomy set the bar pretty high and had it almost impossible to come up with something as good for later releases. During the years that followed the album, the band went through some changes and released an EP under the name Not Made For Love that didn't really blew minds and went kind of unnoticed. Since then, I began to doubt Metronomy's potential, and lost some interest.

When I heard their new album The English Riviera was out, I thought it was only fair for me to listen to it and either confirm my fears, or apologize for ever misjudging and doubting those guys, and gladly, my fears were proven wrong.

The English Riviera its an album I've played on repeat for the whole week and haven't had enough; I love it. Every song in it is unique, and they are all musically amazing. Don't know when I'll get over it, hopefully never.