LA Vampires


This is pretty much the kind of music I would look for on a trippy party night if I had lived in the 80's.
As psychedelic and old school as LA Vampires gets, it sounds quite fresh on today's scene where everything seems to take the same boring way with the same boring sound.
Headed by Not Not Fun records co-founder Amanda Brown, the experimental, drone style of the band is probably not for everyone but their collaborations with artists such as Zola Jesus and Matrix Metals have earned them a place in many charts.

The band's songs are full of noise, slow beats, faux-pop vocals, plastic synths and even tribal drums from time to time. Playing in between psychedelic rock, electronic music and experimental music, the project, aside from being weird is quite talented and proves Amanda's intuition towards music, something every record label leader should have.

When listening to them, I long for a party that could have its music's essence imprinted in it; that could definitely be the new shit.

LA Vampires & Zola Jesus - Bone Is Bloodstone

LA Vampires & Matrix Metals - Make me Over

LA Vampires & Matrix Metals - So Unreal

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