John Roberts


I know we're into the whole "new year, new life" philosophy but there's just one thing that keeps hunting me from last year, and that is John Roberts' first LP "Glass Eights".

John Roberts is an Ohio-born deep house producer residing in Berlin signed with one of the most important house labels of the world, Dial. The guy started gaining interest in house music while living in Chicago, the town considered as the cradle of that music genre, where he decided to pursue his recording ambitions.

Trying to avoid the coldness that comes along rough mixing and mastering when making a record, John Roberts relayed on his music skills and decided to include pianos, violins and real drums on his EP's, and to leave the little imperfections that sometimes come up while recording to make the final outcome warm and natural. His mystical and mysterious sound can sometimes give the illusion of sadness, but it somehow ends up being calm and smooth for dancing.
John Roberts reinforced his producer abilities in his debut album "Glass Eights" and demonstrated that although he's young he can be compared to the great ones.

John Roberts - Porcelain (right click + save link as)

John Roberts - Ever or Not (right click + save link as)

John Roberts - Lesser (right click + save link as)