TechnoCRAFT is a new exploring concept explaining the vanishing role between the designer and the consumer, curated by acclaimed all-star designer Yves Béhar.

The concept invites the true user and consumer, to get involved and participate in the creative process. The products go from the intentionally collaborative to the “finished” products altered or modified by the user. Yves Behar had the creative ability to see and acknowledge other forward-thinking designers that were trying to give product design with individuality and a personal touch to the product's essence.

Béhar’s exhibit is what he calls, “Design in an Age of Individuality”. In the exhibit there are six proposals: crowdsourcing (those that aim to attract the crowds), platforms (those designs used as a base to be toped of for something else), blueprints (designs that provide the pieces but have to be built entirely by the user), hacks (known ideas “hacked” turned into functional), incompletes (objects that require the user to add a finishing touch) and modules (kits of parts that can be altered as used).

Munny Gallery