Curiosities: SSION


P - Palma

P: Why did you choose the name "SSION"?
S: Cuz it looks good in all caps "SSION"

P: Where do your aesthetics come from?
S: The pit of hell, the paSSION of Christ and Janet Jackson's "Control"

P: Craziest thing you've ever done?
S: Drank a cup of melted butter, it was good.

P: Inspiration for your work?
S: Punx, Grrrls, Pop

P: Sacred item
S: My really long fingernails

P: The coolest thing out there, right now, is....
S: Nice weather and a limbless tree

P: Which bands have inspired you the most?

P: Piece of advice....
S: Relax

P: What can we expect from SSION in the near future?
S: The never ending story: Pop. Shitty guitars. Rapid weight loss. Reverb and delay. A cat trying to be a dog, bitch!