The Year of the Banger


Seems like 2010 will be Ed Banger's year.

Pedro Winter's record label is coming fully loaded this year with Uffie's debut album "Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans", Breakbot's debut as part of the family, Dj Mehdi and Riton's new project Carte Blanche and a new EP from Ed Banger's first signed artist Mr. Flash among many other things.

I'm really excited with all of these releases, I was really starting to think these guys were resting in their laurels after the whole EdRec phenomena. The fact is that I'm still wondering how much more are we going to have to wait 'till something new from Justice?

Anyway, the hot thing right now is Mr Flash's new Ep "Blood Sweat & Tears". It's going to be for sure a real knock out and a delicious piece. If you don't trust me, below are the promo video and the preview; take some time to swallow both and then you'll believe me.