Jay-Z, Devil Worshiper?


Some far-fetched theories have been circling around the internet about the already controversial rapper Jay-Z. This time people are going as far as calling him a "Satanist", they have also linked him with Masonic cults, secret societies and Conspiracy Theories (New World Order, Illuminati and all of that nonsense).
Apparently all of this started when the videos for the singles of his latest album The Blueprint 3 "On to the Next One" and "Run This Town" came out. The whole imagery found on the videos is dark, macabre and supposedly has "hidden symbolism", but that's just the theme the director wanted to transmit, therefore I'm pretty confused with why it would link Jay-Z to the devil.

I'm sure he feels very pleased with himself, this hole thing will make him win millions more. The rumors do have a use: entertainment, that's the reason why I'm writing this and showing you the videos that blame him.

"On To The Next One" Jay-Z | Swizz Beatz

I liked the video's look, it's very simple, clean, black and white.... it works. The whole symbolism shit is sort of tacky "Vigilant Citizen" WTF?

"Run This Town" Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye West

Rihanna gets on my nerves, I didn't really get the whole point of throwing a molotov cocktail at a wall, but whatever. The guitar riff on the back is kind of ok.

Jay-Z interview about the Devil

He's right. I'm not sure if I believe him about the golf-course thing though.