Curiosities: HeartsRevolution


P- Palma

P: Craziest thing you've done at a party or concert
H: The craziest thing I've been investigating recently is human trafficking, you should look it up here: it's much more important.

P: Piece of advice...
H: Save Yourself

P: What can we expect from Heartsrevolution in the near future?
H: A music video for each track on our album, the world's 1st crystallized ice cream truck that we will tour the globe in and an album that doesn't sound like everyone else. Good, bad or otherwise.

P: Where do the Heartsrevolution aesthetics come from?
H: Not sure. I like to call it future classic or classic future

P: Sacred Item
H: My bathtub. It's where we record most of my vocals and it's my safe haven from the world.

P: Inspiration for your work?
H: Freedom, from not having to work for anybody and the ability to create change through inspiring others

P: The coolest thing out there right now is...
H: Princess Hijab, a female graffiti artist based in Paris that we are working on a collab with. She is amazing

P: Favorite Ice Cream flavor?
H: Today, Coffee, probably because I am having caffeine withdrawal

P: Last album/ep/vinyl you bought?
H: Julian Casablancas "Phrazes for the Young"

P: Track of the day
H: The Libertines, Tell The King