Weekend Fuel


Hey guys a little late 'cause its already saturday, but here's this weekend's fuel. Four amazing tracks that should totally be on your itunes; some of the tracks have been around for some time but others haven't so check them out.
The first track is a new remix Moulinex makes of Teloniuses "Disco - Tec"; I really shouldn't give you reasons to download this track, the name Moulinex should do it. The track's just great and it's awesome to hear from this guy again.

The second track is a remix our friends from Classixx released of Drop The Lime's "Devil's Eyes". This track has already been blogged like crazy and if you still don't have it, now's the perfect time to get it.

The third track is a little taste of Valerie's new split vinyl release. It's Stephen Falken's "Cruising", the track that's included on the side B of this release. Amazing song, Valerie's kind of thing.

The fourth and last track is Jori Hulkkonen's "I Dance To Your Bass My Friend" an amazing delivery from this finnish dj. By far one of the best tracks I've heard this week. Below is the stream of the song so you can give it a listen, definitely a must have in your itunes.