Horribly Amazing

The Horrors

They are another British product, and have been playing since 2005. They have won a lot of awards, they have some videos banned from MTV and they have played around the world sharing their great creation.

Talking about going around the world, if you live in Mexico City they will be playing on October 19th, you should check them out. It will be a great concert at a really cheap price, the tickets are $30 dlls and you can get them at ticketmaster.com.mx

The newest video for their new single came out a month ago and its great, love the weirdness it has, it’s a total trip just to watch it. It’s not very elaborated but its good; like on an MGMT video, they guys are playing while the background fills with fun figures and shinny colors. Check it out

And for you to download, here is “Sea Within a Sea” which is my favorite song from their new album plus some other cool tracks.

The Horrors – Sea Within a Sea (DOWNLOAD)
The Horrors – Mirror’s Image (DOWNLOAD)
The Horrors – Do You Remember (DOWNLOAD)

Buy it at here.