Flasmobiatic Vitalic!!!!

With this fantastic boom of Vitalic's new album “Flashmob”, I couldn’t stay with my arms crossed and I had to post my feelings about this master of disaster.
I have to admit that I didn’t know Vitalic (also known as
Pascal Arbez) really well, it was thanks to Sheldon that today I appreciate the wonderful sounds of this french dj. I hope I can transmit this same feeling to all of you; so clean your ears and get ready for this, cause this track is gonna blow you away.

Here is the link to his song “Flashmob”, which is actually the song that gives name to the album. The song is awesome, the perfect thing to start the party. Another jewel from this french artist. Heres for you to download it, enjoy!!!

For more on Vitalic, check Palma's older posts or just take a loooong peek into his MySpace.

Vitalic - Flashmob (DOWNLOAD)