The Taste of New


Oh how I love these guys. They recently changed their line up and added two new members to the team, replacing bassist Gabriel Stebbing. When I heard this news I became a little skeptical of what their new work would sound like and lost track of what they were doing for quite some time.
Now that I've found out they are releasing a new ep titled "Not Made For Love" and have given a listen to the songs coming in it, I take back the skepticism and the doubt I ever had towards them. The tracks are promising and beautifully delivered; These guys deserve all the attention they got for "Nights Out"; how did I ever dare to doubt Metronomy?
Here's a little taste of their new ep, which will include these two tracks I'm leaving you with, one more, and remixes from Leo Zero and Wild Geese. The ep is due to September 21st, make sure you grab it.

Metronomy - Do the Right Thing (removed by request)
Metronomy - Not Made For Love (removed by request)