Mod 5, NarNia, Excesses !!!!!!!

I had the chance to visit my brother Luis (LAMA) in Endicott College at Beverly Massachusetts, just 30 min away from Boston where he lives right now. Days before I went there, Luis told me that I was gonna have the craziest time of all; and let me tell you that at the beginning I didn’t believed it, but now I can't even explain the time I had, it was so crazy.
The mod, were he lives with other three friends, it's just like a magical place with a design mixed by neon lights, disco balls, masks, beer adds, an elmo, and some other cool stuff like blankets all dye washed like those old hippie t-shirts.
In the morning it was like any other mod around there, but at night, it was the craziest place to party of all. The people around there are really nice and kind, and they love excesses just as we do lol.
I had the chance to spin the dance floor for some nights and it was pretty awesome; here are some of the mixtapes I played at the parties.
Sheldon and I had been working on them for some time just for you to enjoy them, so let us know if you liked them.

Totem Visko - Fairytales from Narnia (DOWNLOAD)
recommended for heavy listeners, lol just kidding

Sheldon - PMX (DOWNLOAD)

Here are some other mixtapes i made in my free time, Enjoyyyy them as well

Totem Visko - Santitole (DOWNLOAD)

Totem Visko - Vintalicious (DOWNLOAD)

pics by Bob