Ulf Rollof

He is Swedish and he studied at Royal University College of Fine Arts.
His latest work is presented on the MUAC museum of Mexico City and it’s called “Proyecto Axolotl”. The story about this project is that he moved in to mexico to a place called “Patscuaro” without knowing any spanish. So he started to know the people, to see their culture, to learn their language, etc. One day a lady appeared at his door and sold him an ajolote, which is a very strage fish because it can turn into a fish or a reptile depending on its lifestyle, and Ulf became so amazed with this animal that started to learn everything about him and after that the idea of his project came.
His project was to tell the animal everything about the humans, so to do this, he started to build some machines and stuff to show the animal; for example he created a suit with lights on the main organs of the body, so the animal could see the human anatomy; he also created a blanquet with the phases of the moon cutted out so the animal could learn astology; he also played some music so they could hear the beautifull sounds we could create, among other stuff.

But after all of this, the real art behind this project was the comunication and relation he had with the people, because to do everything,  he learned to speak spanish, he lived with them, they helped him create all the stuff for the animal, and the people helped him to expose the things to the animals.

Hope you like the post