Summer is Over!!!!

Tomorrow the summer for all of our Palma team is over because we are going back to college; but this doesn't mean that Palma is over, actually we are preparing some really cool ideas and surprises for all of you. It's just the fact that we won't be able to party all week long lol, i'm just kidding.
We want to thank all of you for supporting our blog and helping us make it stronger; we are very happy to have this success when the blog it's only about two or three months old, so believe me what's next it's gonna be way out of control!!!!!.

To end this Palma summer I decided to post something not as crazy as what we are used to listen from Fred Falke, and also something crazy (which surprises me) from Zoot Woman. The first one is called Chicago, and the second one is a remix from Mr Vega of the song We Wont Break.

Enjoyyy Palmanians hahah!!!!!

Fred Falke ft. Teff Balmer - Chicago (Extended Mix)

Zoot Woman - We Won't Break (Mr Vega Remix)