Prada Transformer

When you mix fashion, art, architecture and film the result would be the one and only “Prada Transformer”. That is the name of the new multiuse building Prada created, this all started when they thought of the link between fashion, art, film and architecture; the building has four pavilions in one. It’s like a dice, every side is great for something, one is for a fashion show, another is a cinema, another is Prada fashion and the last an art exhibition. The Transformer is located on the city of Seoul.
Another cool thing about this are all the people involved in the project, for example the art curators were Nathalie Djurberg (artist from Sweden) and Germano Celant (artistic director of fondazione Prada); the film curators where Alejandro González Iñárritu (Mexican film maker), and Elvis Mitchell (film critic of the New York Times). 

The idea is great and original, I love the fact that Prada has interest in all different kinds of artistic expression like films architecture fashion and art.