Clap your Hands and say Yeah

Who said you need a beautiful voice to sing on a rock band. This band is awesome I really like their music, they are a very fun rock band, and the ugly voice and singing style actually sounds good, because it sounds different. The songs have great sounds and lyrics and I never get tired of listening to them.
Maybe I love them so much because after listening to them, I feel like everyone can sing in a rock band, even me, he he.

I also like all the history behind them; they started as a little band that uploaded their songs on myspace. After some gigs people started to love them and everyone joined them on myspace; after that, they decided to make a record and sell it. The only thing you had to do to get their record, was to contact them and they would FedEx the cd to your house. With time, they became so big that they couldn't handle things and even if wasn’t part of their plans, they had to sign with a label to make the distribution easier. Now look at them, they are known worldwide and they will be here for some years making great music for us


Clap your hands and say yeah – The skin of my yellow country teeth (DOWNLOAD)