Cerith Wyn-Evans and Throbbing Gristle


Cerith Wyn Evans is a conceptual artist, sculptor and film-maker. He was Derek Jarman’s assistant in film making, then he started to create installations and sculptures; that’s when he entered the YBA’s (young british artists). He represented Wales in the Venice Biennale, and that really is something huge for an artist. 

Throbbing Gristle is a british band that experiments a lot with music. The sounds they make are difficult to understand, but their music has meaning and people love them.


The reason to post this artist along this musician  is because they collaborated creating the  APPARITION exhibit; this exhibit is taking place in Tramway, Glasgow. 

The exhibit has the new neon work of Cerith Wyn-Evans, and the main installation is a mirrored mobile structure that makes vocal sounds

If you are at Glasgow you should definitely check it out