Kim Ann Foxman & Tim Sweeney in Mexico City

Kim Ann Foxman and Tim Sweeney are going to play this next friday in Mexico City. The host are the guys from Rockets Musik and rumors say that it's gonna be fantastic.
So all you mexicans fans of Kim Ann Foxman and Tim Sweeney out there, I recommend you to assist because it's gonna be one in a million.

And as an extra bonus our friends from the Neon Rider are going to be scratching some vynils with their vintage oldies touch.
All of our Palma team will be there, so it's a fact that Sheldon is gonna be shooting everyone.

For all those who doesn't know who Kim and Tom Sweeney are, here it goes.

Kim Ann Foxman is one the members of one of the most important groups of the moment, Hercules & Love Affair, which was born in 2007 in NY. The other members are Nomi and Antony Hegarty. Their first single was Blind, which personally is one of my favorites and it was a complete hit, and caught the attention of many other dj's who have made some remixes from it.

On the other side, Tim Sweeney is known for his legendary Beats in Space, and is one of the most demanded dj's in all NY, because of his unique touch.

Both of them are great dj's so you should really go!!!!!!

For more info about the cost of the tickets and the location check this link Kim Ann Foxman & Tim Sweeney., or just search the event on facebook.

I'll try to find some cool tracks from this guys and i'll post them later.


info bye and