Easiest Way Around

So, here's my day. I was waiting to catch a connection flight to NYC and I had to wait on Miami's airport for 4 hours, so I decided to post some songs. I first turned my computer on, and realized I had no internet connection, so had to work my way around to get some signal. When I logged in to Mediafire to upload the songs, they uploaded in like amazingly 2 seconds, I was completely surprised. I always have to wait a lot to upload the songs at my place, but here in the airport is something you do in a couple of seconds. After uploading them, I don't know why I felt like dancing to this song, a lovely one. 

Check the bonus songs I left you on the Bloody Beetroots post!!!!!!

Minitel Rose - Magic Powder

Maybe I'll upload more tracks later, right now gotta plane to catch.