Damián Hirst

STUFF BY JAY VIGO He is the most prominent YBA (Young British Artist), he has been famous since the 90’s and is known as the best paid artist alive.
He had a strange life, when he was young he worked at a morgue, then he got into cocaine and alcohol, he was very scandalous “he once put a cigarette on his balls and showed it on the news”; he was a member of the Groucho Club but was banned from it for his bad behavior.
In 2002 he stopped smoking and drinking, but his wife still left him, and that same year his very close friend Joe Strummer (lead singer from The Clash) died of a heart attack, after that Hirts started to feel mortal. He was so sad for the loss that he donated a lot of his money to Strummerville charity to help young musicians, and started to feel interest on the Christian Religion.
The main theme of his art is dead. He is known for his dead animals that includes his dead shark that was sold for 10 million dollars, then he made the “medicine chest” which he sold for 9.7 million pounds, then he made the most expensive piece of art called “for the love of God” that is a human skull covered in 8601 diamonds that was sold for 74 million euros. His fortune more than one thousand million dollars, that makes him even richer than Elton John and Mick Jagger.